Carbonate Tablet with Salt Fragrance-free

"Toyama's fine water" is all the origin. From the Tateyama mountain range of 3,000 m above sea level, which is said to be the roof of Japan, to Toyama bay, one of the three deep-sea bays in Japan with a depth of 1,000 m. Toyama has a world-class rare ter

This is a carbonated bath tablet blended with deep sea water salt of Toyama bay and collagen, squalane which are moisturizing ingredients from the sea. Fine carbonic bubbles are generated when it is put in hot water, and will warm the body up comfortably by bathing. Fragrance-free.

CategoryBath additive
Raw Materials

Succinic acid, sodium bicarbonate, Na sulfate, Na carbonate, crystalline cellulose, corn starch, glycine, sea salt, bittern, water soluble collagen, hydrolyzed conchiolin, Fucus extract, squalane, gardenia blue, dextrin, PEG-150, silica, water ,ethanol

Sales Name

TD Carbonate Tablet with Salt Fragrance-free

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