DEPTH 1000 Toyama Bay Deep Sea Water - Pure Mineral Bath Salts

"Toyama's quality water" is the source. From the Tateyama mountain range of 3,000m above sea level to Toyama Bay with a depth of 1,000m, Toyama has a world-class range of mineral water considered to be the best in Japan.

This is 100% concentrated mineral bath salts made from Toyama Bay deep sea water. Salts from Toyama Bay deep sea water contain a rich yet balanced mix of minerals like calcium and magnesium that prevent dry and flaky skin, and leaves it feeling soft and moist.

This product is fragrance-free and colorant-free. Add Bath Aroma Essence to enjoy the fragrance best suited to that day’s mood.

CategoryBath additive
Raw MaterialsSea salt, bittern
Sales NameTD Pure Mineral Bath Salt Mineral Rich
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