Northern Alps' snow melted spring water

"Toyama's fine water" is all the origin. From the Tateyama mountain range of 3,000 m above sea level, which is said to be the roof of Japan, to Toyama bay, one of the three deep-sea bays in Japan with a depth of 1,000 m. Toyama has a world-class rare ter

Soft water purified with silicic acid soil unique to Toyama with snowmelt at the North Alps mountains. Hydrogen ion concentration is about 7.2 pH close to human blood. It is mellow and has a hint of sweetness, and it pulls out the taste of coffee and Japanese tea well and makes it delicious. Hardness is about 16.

Amount500ml×24 bottles
CategoryNatural mineral water
Raw MaterialsWater (mineral water)
Sales NameNorthern Alps' snow melted spring water
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