Toyama Quality Water - Northern Alps Snowmelt Spring Water

"Toyama's quality water" is the source. From the Tateyama mountain range of 3000m above sea level, to Toyama bay with a depth of 1000m. Toyama has a world-class range of mineral water considered to be the best in Japan.

Snowmelt soft water that has seeped through the mountains and has been purified with silicic acid soil unique to the Toyama area. It contains a pH of 7.2, which makes it excellent for your health. The flavor is mellow and has a hint of sweetness, so you can also use it to prepare coffee and green tea in a way that it will highlight their flavor.

Amount500ml×24 bottles
CategoryNatural mineral water
Raw MaterialsWater (mineral water)
Sales NameNorthern Alps' snow melted spring water
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