born in Toyama, Japan

Toyama prefecture where our head office and factory is located in has a world-class rare terrain of 4000m in height difference from the Tateyama mountain range of 3000m class to Toyama Bay of 1000m depth. We use the "groundwater" and "deep sea water" nurtured in this rich nature to develop and manufacture a wide range of products from mineral water, bath additives, and cosmetics to food with beneficial claims. Our manufacturing plant is located in the rural area near the water supply site, where the area is partly designated as a natural environment preservation area in Toyama prefecture. We are thankful for the grace of nature which is the source of our corporate activities; we will continue to contribute creating a sustainable society by delivering attractive products while striving for environmental conservation.

Promise &

Beauty and Health Holding Within Yourself

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Founded in 1946

The history of Goshu began in 1946. The company was founded as a pharmaceutical company. The turning point came in 1967 when we developed and manufactured a medicated bath additive with papain enzyme for excellent health and beauty effects for the first time ever in Japan.
After that, mineral water was produced in 1981, and production of food with beneficial claims and cosmetics using deep sea water was produced in the early 2000s. We have pioneered new fields of products and have been growing strongly.

Our History
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Diverse lineup

What kind of things do people want now? We have been pursuing every day to deliver more attractive and loved products, as we research such people’s needs. As a result, a wide range of products such as mineral water, bath additives, cosmetics and food with beneficial claims have been created. But our challenge is not over. We will continue to evolve the brands and products for our company.

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Commitment to the best quality

In the process of developing various products, Goshu has evolved the technologies of using high-quality ground natural water and deep sea water. In addition to these technologies, we have been strengthening our efforts to ensure safety and reliability with “Customers come first”. In the clean factory in Toyama that acquired ISO9001 and FSSC 22000 which are the world's highest food safety management standards, we carefully produce every our product under strict quality control.

For the Quality
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To a global company

Japan is a developed market of "natural & healthy" trend, and we have built a product portfolio with unique values among the Japanese market. It is not limited to Japan that we can benefit through the accumulation of our technological capabilities and know-how. We aim to deliver "Enjoyable Wellness & Beauty" in each country by creating products that are suitable to local customers as well as delivering unique Japanese culture style of bathing.


Our People

Whole Goshu, as a team, will aim to contribute to people's beauty and health through attractive product creation.

To be an attractive company

Sales Rep. in Overseas Division / Yoshinobu Fujii

Since our founding, Goshu has been constantly challenging to create innovative products with our strengths of streamlined production method from product development, raw material processing to manufacturing. Do not be afraid of changing, look ahead to the needs of customers and society, and show our technologies and teamwork. It is no other than Goshu’s DNA that has been cherished since our foundation. I believe that the health and beauty industry, where our company supplies major products, will be increasingly globally with more natural and safe quality required. We will respond with flexibly to these changes by strengthening our competitiveness, and aim for a company which is loved by customers all over the world.

Making products right while thanking to the blessings of nature

Manufacturing / Tomoaki Matsuo

The manufacturing department has a very important function to support Goshu’s quality. The site is a clean environment that acquired FSSC 22000 certification. Although the mechanization is progressing, still many processes need human hands and eyes, so highly skills are required. Harmonizing well with people's involvement and the machinery's work, high-quality products are completed first time. To describe the corporate activities of Goshu in a short phrase, it will come down to "Make products right". In addition, coexistence with nature is also an important theme for us who are using the blessed natural resources as a raw material. We are also devoting efforts not to waste raw materials as little as possible and to make healthy circulation of natural ecosystems such as environmental conservation around our plants.

Only Goshu can

R & D / Yukinori Saeki

In the R & D department, we are developing products for beneficial mineral water, bath additives, cosmetics, and food with beneficial claims that only Goshu can produce since we are committed to high quality natural water and deep sea water. What we are aiming for is to support people’s active lives through product creation that is useful for beauty and health. In order to realize our commitment, we are involved in seeking new ingredients by collaborating with universities and government agencies as well as pursuing the ingredients and feeling of the products, functions and packages. We will continue to listen to the customers’ voice and create products that are unique and value added.