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Goshu is an OEM / ODM company that not only manufactures and sells our own products using of natural water and deep sea water, but also contributes to customers through high value-added proposals. We have offered OEM / ODM water products, bath additives, cosmetics and food with beneficial claims to various companies. And now, our OEM / ODM business is expanding throughout the world with a diversity of customers.



Streamlined products

Goshu’s ODM / OEM is conducted from design, development to commercialization on a streamlined basis. We can make customers' images and requests into actual products accurately and smoothly. In addition, production will be implemented at our factory in Japan where we have obtained ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certification. We deliver reliable quality.


Ingredients from nature

Goshu’s OEM / ODM products are used raw materials natural water and deep sea water in Toyama, Japan. Natural water is taken from a water source in the factory premises and bottled in fresh condition. Deep sea water is refined into water, salt and minerals using our original safe and clean desalination separation technology. We use it as raw material for our products.


Research and development system

Starting from our basic research to efficacy, effects, manufacturing method investigation, and the latest research. Our dedicated research and development staff with advanced skills and passion is working on product development every day to deliver high-quality OEM / ODM products that satisfy our customers.


Abundant OEM / ODM achievements

We have abundant OEM / ODM records accumulated since our foundation in 1946. We also offer a variety of evaluation, analysis and testing machines which can objectively measure safety and effectiveness of the products, and it is possible to develop original products with market competitiveness based on scientific evidence.


Global staff

We have staff who can speak English and Chinese at Goshu. We can respond to inquiries from overseas companies with no problem. We will also deal with consultations from domestic companies who are considering developing original mineral water, bath additives, and or cosmetics for overseas markets.

Manufacturing Plant

Our main factory "Chisato Plant" 8000m2 surrounded by beautiful nature with clear sky and green views. The reason this place was chosen is that it is close to a water source with high quality natural water. In the vicinity, there are areas designated as Toyama natural environment preservation and historical sites. We are making products while with protecting beautiful scenery and the environment.

OEM / ODM of
Water Products

From natural mineral water to water with beneficial claims,
OEM / ODM manufacture of various water products is available.

  • » Supplying existing products as customer brands
  • » Utilizing multistage ion exchange dialysis machine, develop and manufacture following products;r
  • » Different hardness for different purpose
  • » Rehydration water
  • » Cosmetics ingredients
  • Available packaging
  • - PET bottles / 280 · 500 · 1500 · 2000 ml and others
  • - BIB (Bag in Box) / 6 L to 11 L, 20 L, etc.

Production equipment
for Water Products

PET bottle filling line

Our filler is compatible with various PET bottles equipped with high-speed filling lines and multi-bottle compatible lines. The high-speed filling lines have acquired ISO 9001 certification.

  • Filler

    The water is filled by a heating filler with equipment boasting one of the largest filling capabilities in Japan.

  • Tilting conveyor

    After filling, the bottles are on the tilting conveyor to sterilize the caps and other parts.

  • Bottle cooler

    Inside is divided into 4 tanks, and the bottles are cooled step by step to not to affect the bottles.

  • Shrink labeler

    High-speed labeling matching to filling speed is possible. It also can respond to the arrangement of the label sizes.

  • Cap / liquid level inspection machine

    It does an appearance inspection of all items at high speed and with high accuracy using special equipment.

  • Rap round caser

    A wasteless, fast and reliable casing is possible.

  • Palletizer

    Packaged products are stacked on a pallet by a robot with paste on the top of the boxes for collapse prevention.

BIB filling line

Newly established in 2013.
Under the control standard of FSSC 22000, we are making products that customers can assure.

  • Filling

    Sterilized water is filled at 130 ° C or higher in the clean room.

  • Box insertion

    Filled bags are inserted into the boxes.

  • Weight checker

    The total number of boxes is inspected with the weight checker so that the filling amount is within a specified standard range.

  • Palletizer

    It can palletize at high speed without damaging products.

OEM / ODM of
Bath Additives

We will offer original products according to customer’s request in ingredients, shapes and packaging.

  • » Supplying existing products as customer brands
  • » Development and manufacture of beneficial bath additives
  • Available feature
  • - Powder / The most common form of bath additives in Japan
  • - Salt / Sea salt made from 100% sea water
  • - Liquid / This can blend more extract than powder bath additives
  • - Salt & oil / Mix moisturizing effect oil ingredients and sea salt
  • - Tablet / The tablet can make bubbles to generate carbonic acid when put into hot water
  • - Bath Bomb / Solid bath additives with unique three-dimensional shapes which are also fun to look
  • Available packaging
  • - Available packaging
  • - Bottles
  • - Sachets (three-side sealed, four-sided sealed, individually sealed packets)
  • - Pouch bag
  • - Nonwoven fabric bag

Production equipment
for Bath Additives

  • High speed packaging machine

    This machine can fill powder type additives or grain salt type additives mainly around 25g to 35g. We propose the optimum film according to the type of filling such as aluminum film excellent in preservation, aluminum vapor deposition excellent in flexibility, PET resin etc.

  • Bottle bath additive filling machine

    This machine can automatically fill the additives according to customer's needs as long as it is within a certain standard of bottle shape or cap size.

  • Automatic liquid filling machine

    After removing the static electricity of the bottle, it completely removes the dust and dirt in the bottle by air. By filling with piston method, it can correspond to filling of high viscosity material.

  • Liquid fixed amount filling machine

    As long as the container has a filling port inner diameter of 10 mm or more, the machine can fill any container. Stable ratios for the two-layer type material can be maintained by filling with stirring.

  • Tablet press

    In a space where room temperature and humidity are kept constant at all times, tablets with the size of around 4cm in diameter and around 25g are pressed with appropriate pressure according to the bath additives.

  • One time order packaging machine

    This machine can fill an irregular shaped package such as a character shape, etc. It is also applied to the two-agent mixed bath additives such as salt and oil.

Deep sea water separation equipment

At our plant, deep sea water pumped up from Toyama bay is separated in (1) desalinated water (2) mineral concentrated water (3) concentrated salt water (4) salt and (5) bittern.

Raw water tank

The deep sea water which has been carried from the intake plant is filtered and stored in a 10 ton tank with a cooling device.

Multistage ion exchange electrodialyzer

In the first stage, the sea water is divided into fresh water and mineral concentrated water, and in the second stage mineral concentrated water is separated into concentrated salt water and mineral water.

Other OEM / ODM

  • High performance cosmetics

  • » Supplying existing products as customer brands
  • » Development and manufacture of skin care products
  • » Development and manufacture of body care products
  • Food with beneficial claims

  • » Supplying existing products as customer brands
  • » Development and manufacture of supplements
  • » Development and manufacture of oral rehydrated powder beverage
  • Available shapes
  • - Tablets / Various sizes are available, and hardness can be adjusted
  • - Capsules/ Ideal for compounding ingredients where odor is concerned. It corresponds to soft type and hard type
  • - Granules / Various arrangements are available such as to intake as it is and to dissolve in water to make a drink, etc.
  • - Drink/ Correspond to PET bottle filling of various sizes
  • - Jelly/ We have dedicated pouch-shaped production facility and correspond to various sizes

* It is also possible to order OEM products with prescription with specific ingredients omitted considering reasons such as health, ethics, religion, etc. Please contact us for more information.


1Contact us
2Primary judgment as to whether Goshu can deal with the product
4Quotation & suggestion
6Make prototype & customer evaluation
7Start of production


What kind of products can Goshu make?
We can supply water products, bath additives products, cosmetics and food with beneficial claims using natural water and deep sea water.
How long will it take to produce a product?
In the case of new product development, please consider about 6 months from the first meeting to product completion.
Can I observe the factory?
Please contact us.
Can you make prototypes?
Yes. However, it may cost for prototyping prior to formal request or prototype at laboratory level.
Can you consult with the package and label design?
We can propose original designs by our design staff.
Can you support OEM for overseas products?
We mainly support OEM in the ASEAN region. Please contact us for more information.
Can you act on behalf of export procedures?
We can support documentations that necessary for procedures (eg. MSDS, INCI name and manufacturing certificate),However, any preparations neccesary at importor's country are recipient's responsibility.
eg. Serches for any regulations and laws of importor's country to prepare documents and pre-applications to pass the customs clearance and to sell under the official certificate from their country.
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