Spicy Bath Salt Hot & Purify

"Toyama's fine water" is all the origin. From the Tateyama mountain range of 3,000 m above sea level, which is said to be the roof of Japan, to Toyama bay, one of the three deep-sea bays in Japan with a depth of 1,000 m. Toyama has a world-class rare ter

This is mineral bath salt made with spicy plant ingredients and 99.96% of deep sea water salt in Toyama bay. It promotes blood circulation by bathing, and promotes sweating. It also prevents dryness of your skin after sweating. We recommend for lukewarm water bathing.

CategoryBath additive
Raw MaterialsSea salt, red pepper extract, ginger root extract, mugwort extract, angelica root extract, sulfuric acid Na
Sales Name

TD Spicy Bath Salt Hot &Purify 

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