Active Supply 500ml

Rehydrate the body by replenishing water and electrolytes to the body after sweating. Electrolytes from deep sea water!

This is hypotonic ion water contains natural electrolytes derived from deep sea water and designed for osmotic pressure and salinity which are easily absorbed by a thirsty body based on sports nutrition. This is a new sensory beverage featuring speedy hydration supply and a refreshing taste. It is ideal for rehydration during workouts and sports.

Amount500 ml × 24 bottles
CategorySoft drink
Nutritional information(per 100 ml) / Energy 9 kcal, Protein 0 g, Fat 0 g, Carbohydrate 2.2 g, Sodium 77.3 mg, Potassium 2.7 mg, Calcium 3.6 mg, Magnesium 9.0 mg
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