BOTANIful Bath Salts - Fresh & Sweet Herbs Gift Box (24 pack)

New bath salts series full of natural botanical extracts. Over 95% organic certified.

Bath additive with natural color and mellow fragrance, it is good for both your skin and the environment.

Sweet Herbs moisturizes your skin with shea butter and includes olive oil for skin conditioning.

Fresh Herbs cleanses impurities of your skin through papaya enzyme and includes rosemary extract for skin conditioning.

Ideal for a relaxing bathtime where you can feel bonded with nature.

Includes 12 packs of BOTANIful Bath Salts - Fresh Herbs and 12 packs of BOTANIful Bath Salts - Sweet Herbs.

AmountSweet Herbs 4 Pkts. × 3 / Fresh Herbs 4 Pkts. × 3
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