Toyama Bay Deep Sea Water - Instant Bubbly Bath Bomb - Aqua-green

The bath bomb series with a subtle natural fragrance that spreads gently as it starts bubbling. Enjoy a luxurious bath time.

For a splendidly refreshing bath time, this bath bomb bubbles as soon as it enters the bathtub. As the bubbles rise, you can feel the gentle fragrance spreading.

It contains 100% natural fragrance and deep sea water from Toyama Bay used as moisturizing.

Aqua-green scent, a refreshingly unfolding, leafy aroma.

CategoryBath additive
Water ColorPale blue
ScentAqua green
Raw MaterialsCitric acid, sodium bicarbonate, Na sulfate, Na carbonate, Na polyphosphate, ethanol, water, sea water, hydrolyzed conchiolin, BG, menthol, orange peel oil, lavender oil, rosemary leaf oil, fragrance, color (blue 1, yellow 5)
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