DEPTH1000 Rich Fragrance Bath Bomb - Lavender to Grapefruit

Create a unique bath time experience with these luxury bath bombs. As they begin to bubble, two fragrances and colors begin to spread and overlap. Produced using Toyama Bay deep sea water and 100% natural fragrances.

As you add this bath bomb to your tub, the water turns milky water as the exquisite lavender essence begins to spread. Over time an energetic blend of fresh citrus essences will be released, adding a subtle orange coloring to the bath water.

CategoryBath additive
Water ColorFrom milky white to milky orange
ScentFrom lavender to grapefruit
Raw MaterialsSodium bicarbonate, Na sulfate, citric acid, Na polyphosphoric acid, Na carbonate, sea salt, succinic acid, titanium oxide, dextrin, ethanol, crystalline cellulose, water, seawater, hydrolyzed conchiolin, BG, Na lauryl sulfate, corn starch, silica , Mg sulfate, lavender oil, bergamot fruit oil, grapefruit peel oil, rosemary leaf oil, bitter orange leaf & branch oil, fragrance, color (yellow 4, yellow 5, blue 1, red 106)
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