ALTITUDE 3000 Onsen spring water originating from snowmelt of the Northern Japan Alps

Onsen spring water mist

A skin-beautifying mist made from the Onsen spring water derived from snowmelt of the Northern Japan Alps. This natural Onsen water contains a designated Onsen ingredient, metasilicate and leaves your skin clear and smooth, just like after bathing in hot springs. 

※Free from alcohol, paraben, grease, colorant, mineral oil. 

The mountain range around 3000 meters above sea level of the Northern Japan Alps bearing perpetual snow is a precious water resource of Toyama. A huge amount of snow will eventually become meltwater that flows out, supplying cold and abundant water even in the midst of summer. The meltwater that has penetrated deep into the stratum is filtered over many years and reaches the water source as mellow, slightly sweet, and delicious water veins due to blessed geology peculiar to Toyama. The soil of this water source is rich in metasilicic acid, a designated hot spring ingredient, and we obtained the spring water use permits. The forests sorrounding the water source are designated as environmental conservation areas in Toyama and a part of which is owned by Goshu and we conserve the environment accordingly.

Amount200 ml
CategorySkin lotion

Water, pentylene glycol, cyclohexylglycerin, sodium citrate, citric acid. 

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