G-OS Oral Rehydration Solution

G-OS takes into consideration the balance of electrolyte and glucose and is suitable for replenishing and maintaining water and electrolytes for people with mild to moderate heat stroke and dehydration.

More than 90% is naturally derived ingredients: natural mineral water from the Northern Japan Alps, and the clean "Deep Sea Water" of Toyama Bay, which is blended to supplement some of the electrolyte. G-OS is fragrance-free, low-calorie, easy to drink, and has a refreshing taste.

In June 2020, G-OS was approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan as Foods for Specified Health Uses for the sick. [Approved no.: 2020001]

Amount500 ml
CategorySoft drink

Water (natural mineral water, deep sea water), glucose (domestic production), salt, potassium chloride, gluconin acid solution (59%), sodium citrate, sweetener (sucralose, stevia), sodium glutamate

Nutritional information

(Per 500 ml) / Energy 8kcal, protein 0g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 2g, salt equivalent 0.29g, potassium 78mg, calcium 1.2mg, magnesium 2.0mg

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