Healthy Life Dietary Fiber

Moderates the rise in blood sugar level and triglyceride in the blood after meals.

Dietary Fiber contains isomaltodextrin (dietary fiber) which has been reported to moderately increase the postprandial blood glucose level of healthy people who tend to increase their blood glucose level after meals, and the postprandial blood triglyceride level of healthy people who have high blood triglyceride levels after meals. 

(Foods with functional claims: approved no.: E110)


3g × 30 sticks

CategoryDietary supplement 

Isomaltodextrin (dietary fiber) (manufactured in Japan)

Nutritional information

(Per 9g of 3 sticks) / Energy 19.9kcal, Protein 0g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 8.5g (Sugar 1.4g, Dietary fiber 7.1g), Salt equivalent 0g

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