Kirea Health Water 500 ml

Drink "Kirea Water" daily for a better intestinal environment health.

This is a food with a specified health use that combines lactosucrose with Toyama Bay deep sea water and Northern Alps spring water. This increases the amount of Lactobacillus bifidus in your intestinal flora and leads to an improved gastrointestinal environment. By drinking “Kirea Water” every day, you can regularize your bowel motions.

It is a low-calorie, non-flavored, mineral water drink.

The 500ml version is convenient and easy to drink on the go.


500 ml×24 bottles

CategorySoft drink


Water (Water (mineral water, deep sea water), lactosucrose

Nutritional information

(Per 500 ml) / Energy 9 kcal, Protein 0 g, Fat 0 g, Carbohydrate 3.5 g, Sodium 9.0 mg, Calcium 7.5 mg, Magnesium 26 mg, Potassium 0 mg, Functional substance: Lactosucrose (oligossacharide from lactose) 3.0 g

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