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Skin pure - Balance +series


The century old bathing traditions. Experience a total renewal of mind and body with quality Japanese bath powders and bath salts.

active supply

Replenishes water and ions lost through sweat “Active Supply”

A new sensation of osmotically-designed water, developed by sports nutritionists and perfectly suited for replenishing fluids lost through work or sports. Low-calorie with a clear taste and a pleasant aftertaste.

kirea water

Drink daily for gastrointestinal health! “Kirea Water”

Increasing the amount of Lactobacillus bifidus leads to an improved gastrointestinal environment. It regulates the condition of your stomach and helps achieve more regular bowel movements.


A “sweet” bath for beautiful skin “BASWEETS”

A bath powder that creates a “sweet” bath with creamy bubbles and a sweet fragrance.Delicate little bubbles envelop your whole body to produce beautiful, moisturized skin.

oyu club bath salts

Fantastic bath experience series in generous amounts! “Oyu Club Bath Salts”

Introducing a bath salt version of the Oyu Club bath additives, a long-time best seller. Each pack contains a generous 60g to provide a luxurious and complete bath experience.

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