president greetings

Following its founding in 1947, this company established its basic philosophy as “The sun, water and nature are the source of life.” Under the theme “Beauty and Health”, the company tackled the goals of developing unique products and supporting good health. Beginning with the use of the papain vegetable enzyme as a bathwater additive, the company developed a wide variety of products, including non-medicinal items, cosmetics, functional foods, beverages and drinking water. Among these, the bathwater additive Togen is a favorite with many customers.

Recently, we have developed a new business that takes advantage of unique high-quality regional resources - natural water from the Northern Alps and deep ocean water. In order to meet the needs of our customers, which change daily, it is important that we intensify our technological development strengths, and strive to proactively develop original products that connect with the future.

Going forward, in order to deal with a rapidly changing society and natural environment, we must increase our efforts to contribute widely to society as a manufacturing business supporting healthy life styles for people, making the best use of experience and achievements we have garnered over the years. We ask that you continue to support us with your guidance and encouragement in the future.

President, Sunao Fujii