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Using experience and commitment to respond to a diverse array of needs

Since beginning the manufacture and sale of the medicated bathwater additive Togen in 1955, we have devoted more than half a century to planning and developing a wide variety of bath additives. Making the best use of the proprietary technologies and know-how we have cultivated, we are able to respond to a wide range of needs.

Products Bathwater additives, cosmetics, hygiene products for the environment
Dosage Forms Powders, tablets, liquids, emulsifications, powder/oil mixes.
Packaging All types of bottles and sachets, die-cut, pouches, unwoven fabrics, spray cans, etc.

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Developing unique products using our own water source, located amid a wealth of natural beauty

We provide high-quality water products, including functional water produced by blending the functional components of minerals separated from deep ocean water with mineral water from the Northern Alps and hot spring water obtained from our own sources, and make use of them in a variety of ways.

Products Natural mineral water, functional water (Kirea Water, a designated health food, etc.), bottled water with regulated hardness (hardness from 0-1500), osmotic pressure design/high absorbance ion water
Packaging PET bottles: 280/350/500/900/1500/2000mL, BIB (bag in box): 10/20L, Cubitainer: 1t, functional beverage caps containing fine powders

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Creating products that support beauty and health

We are working to develop highly original functional foods and beverages that support a healthy life style.

Products Supplements (nutritional supplements), physical exam preparation diets, retort products (extract selection pack, rice gruel, etc.), health and beauty foods, functional beverages, deep water salt, deep water seasonings
Dosage Forms Tablets (diameter 8-16mm, triangular tablets), granulated powders, liquids, etc.
Packaging Bottles, powder packets, glass bottles, retort pouches, etc.

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Natural Water from the Northern Alps

Some of our water sources have received authorization to use the water, which contain an abundance of silicon, as hot spring water. A characteristic of this water is its mellow good taste, and it has a wide range of practical uses, including as a component in facial lotions.
The mountains forests surrounding these water sources are on land our company owns, and are registered as Toyama Prefecture environmental conservation areas. While making use of the water sources, our concern is to also conserve the natural environment as a source of the water.

Toyama’s deep ocean water

The ocean is said to be the origin of life, and deep ocean water is the source of minerals with an excellent balance of natural components.
Since 1996, our company has been conducting a variety of research projects, including industry, academic and government-cooperative research. Recent research has led to the discovery of amino acids with bioactive properties, such as GABA.
Using this company’s desalination and separation technology, we are able to separate deep ocean water into (1) desalinated water (2) concentrated mineral water (3) concentrated brine (4) isotonic water (5) salt and (6) bittern, and these separated components can be used in products in a wide array of fields.

Papain Enzyme/Papaya Enzyme Processed Products (Papayaze Enzyme)

Since 1965, we have been studying the papain enzyme, which is derived from papaya fruits. In 1967, we began selling the bathwater additive Papaya Togen, which makes the best use of the superior titer and stability of the protease.
The Papayaze Enzyme is used in an extremely wide range of products in addition to bathwater additives, including functional foods, such as colonoscopy preparation diets, and beauty and health foods. Recently we opened a research plantation where we can perform research and development consistently, from the cultivation of materials to the commercialization of products.

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